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   Name     Last Frontier
  Symbol    LFRO
  Issued     30billion
   TAX       10%

                   ・1% Reward "USDT"
                   ・2% Asset lock
                   ・7% Development cost

audio video

  Road  Map  

*DEC 2017*

Gold mining company registration completed in West Africa


*MAY 2018*

Started gold mining operation by hand drilling

*NOV24 2022*
Launch at 13:30 UTC

Listed on PancakeSwap 
PooCoin Trading start

・Video distribution of the Gold mining site
    ・Upon reaching USD100,000 of assets, install more solar panels 

       and generators in gold mine

    ・Listing CMC

Q2 ・Start development of the first smartphone Game
    ・Video distribution of the Gold mining site
    ・Start sales to the West African market of 300 million people
    ・CEX Listing

Q3 ・Complete development of the first smartphone Game and start                   distribution
    ・Upon reaching USD1,000,000 USD of assets, introduce an excavator
    ・Video distribution of the Gold mining site

Q4 ・Open the First West Africa E-Game Tournament Prize money
               Winner       USD 3,000 (3years annual income)
               2nd place    USD 2,000 (2 years annual income)
               3rd place     USD 1,000 (equal to annual income)

    ・Video distribution of the Gold mining site



Q1 ・Providing E-Game, medical care and education for street children          
       (Clinic and Hospitals, E-Game School) in the West African market  

    ・Video distribution of the Gold mining site 

Q2 ・Open the Second West Africa E-Game Tournament Prize money          
               Winner        USD 3,000 (3years annual income)             
               2nd place    USD 2,000 (2 years annual income)    

               3rd place     USD 1,000 (equal to annual income)  

    ・ Video distribution of the Gold mining site 


Q3 ・Start new game development
    ・Tier CEX Listing
    ・Video distribution of the Gold mining site 


Q4 ・Open the Third West Africa E-Game Tournament Prize money       
               Winner      USD 3,000 (3years annual income)          
               2nd place   USD 2,000 (2 years annual income)    

               3rd place    USD 1,000 (equal to annual income) 

    ・Establish an Incorporated Vocational School with nine E-game

       award winner as directors (Tuition free)

    ・Video distribution of the Gold mining site 


.+*Last Frontier Supports All Children To Reach Their 5th Birthday*+.

African countries, innocent tiny lives are lost in poverty and insanitary conditions.
We, Last Frontier will strive for children's Smile and Hope.


Last Frontier is based in the market of 300 million people in three countries of West Africa, and in the future, the population of the African continent will increase from 1.3 billion to 2.5 billion. 

Purchase the machines necessary for gold mining from TAX7% of token sales.  As a result, manual mining will evolve to mechanization, and the amount of mining will skyrocket.  This will serve both the poor and token holders.

Mechanization of gold mining leads to game development for next web3 project

Gold mining mechanization projects are.  You will get a real sense of the project when you watch the live broadcast of the gold mining site in Q1 in 3 months.

57% of the total population of Africa is suffering from poverty. This is the project to support children with economy, medical care and education.


Currently, Africa has a 30% share of the world in digital money distribution.
Whether it is business, medical care or education, the African 1.3billion people continent concentrates power in the hands of the wealthy, and benefits are given only to the wealthy, and the poor are hardly reached.

The Last Frontier token we provide will build a new business foundation by fusing blockchain technology with games.
We are confident that Africa will be able to lead the world in the “New Era of Cryptocurrencies,” which will build new relationships between the world and Africa by providing new business models.

Many African banks charge a fee of around 20% of the transfer amount.  Partly because I do not have a bank account, in the case of a major cash transfer company, the fee is 30%.  Last Frontier token holders will be able to send money for less than $1.  There is no need to pay such a high fee, and we will approach 300 million people in West Africa


Holders will receive a reward from the time they hold the token.
Rewards are offered in USDT.

First mover holders who can receive rewards will be given preferential treatment as the price increases as development progresses from launch and information is released.

Rewards paid from the trading commission TAX will increase or decrease according to the trading volume.

The development company is mining for gold.  Gold mining has a limit to contribute by employment, but it is possible to contribute economically to many people by distributing the return profit as a reward to Last Frontier token holders.

Last Frontier is a custom consultant created by BNB and conforms to BNB

  How do I buy Last Frontier?

The best way to purchase Last Frontier ($LFRO) is using the Swap, for example, on PancakeSwap

   last frontie token

Last Frontier is a decentralized financial payment network that rebuilds the traditional payment stack on the blockchain. It utilizes a basket of fiat-pegged stablecoins, algorithmically stabilized by its reserve currency $LFRO, to facilitate programmable payments and open financial infrastructure development. 

Last Frontier is a cryptocurrency, deployed on Binance Smart Chain(BSC BEP-20)

What is Last Frontier ($LFRO) smart contract address?
Last Frontier ($LFRO) official smart contract address is



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